Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crew's Field Trips

Crew had a couple field trips last month. He is doing great at school this year and is becoming increasingly independent and socializing with friends his own age better.

Kula Farms
My handsome, proud boy getting off the bus after a 45 minute ride upcountry.

It was a beautiful, clear day. Kula Farms did such a wonderful job preparing for the kids. They had several different stations for them and taught them about pumpkin pollination.

Crew checking out a native Hawaiian Honeybee.

Wailea Fire Station

He was so proud to be called up to dress like a fireman!

All the kids got a chance to spray the hose. I need one of these to spray them off everyday.
I love Maui, but my kiddos are always dirty!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chase's 12th

My baby boy is 12 years old! Can you believe it? He will soon have the priesthood and will be passing out the sacrament. How quickly these years have gone by.
Chase is still always energetic and spazzy, but he has grown in maturity. I love that we can hang out and have deeper conversations now. He and Geoff are quickly becoming best friends with their joint love of paddle surfing and down winding. Chase LOVES his family and loved hearing from everyone on his birthday. He loves to feel special and loved. I have always marveled at what a big, sweet, empathetic heart this crazy boy has. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his family.
On Tuesday, his actual birthday, 3 of his closest friends stayed the night. I took them all out to Krispy Kreme, the mall, surf stores, Fun Factory, and the movie Abduction.
That night, we went to Ruth's Chris for dinner and had Kelli's chocolate cake for dessert.
Chase said it was the best birthday ever!

Friday night, we had a family party for him with a few of our closest family friends. It was SUPPOSED to be a fun street skate night. I was planning on setting up an outdoor theater with skating movies while they skated around our cul-de-sac.
BUT, it rained ALL day and night. An extreme rarity for Wailea.
So, we improvised, and set up 2 TVs and video games in the garage and skated in the car port areas. Sometimes the casual things are the most fun. The kids had a blast and the boys begged us to keep the garage set up like that permanently ;)