Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Hawaii

We are just wrapping up another wonderful Hawaii vacation. We had such a great time this trip, especailly bacause we were with most of Geoff's family. The boys have been in heaven and have been spoiled with attention. They will be so bored with me when we go home.

My attempt at a sand creation with the boys.


Our Favorite Shave Ice



Dad has SO much energy! No one can keep up with him! This trip he got the boys into kite boarding. It looks like a lot of work!



Friday, August 22, 2008

OOPS! We missed the first day of school!

I still cannot believe that Geoff talked me into missing the first week of school! If he had it his way, we would miss next week too! We took Brett on our favorite hike on Wednesday. He loved it and we all had a blast. The kids thought it was SO funny that all their friends were in class while we were exploring. But now that Chase has heard how much fun Boston is having at school, he can't WAIT to get home to his best buddy and his best girl! SO a few more days in paradise and then it's back to reality!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Look out Micheal Phelps!
Some days it just all comes together; today was that day for Chase. It was the County Gold Swim Meet, meaning all the best swimmers in the whole county are invited to compete. You are able to swim a maximum of 5 events (3 individual and 2 team). Chase swam freestyle, backstroke, individual medley, team medley relay, and team freestyle relay. Amazingly, he won first place in every event! He was so pumped he said it was the best day of his life! We were sure proud of him. He really works hard at swimming - it's definitely his best sport!

Caden had his county finals on Wednesday (all 6 year olds have to compete in County Bronze). Not quite the same result at Chase, but not bad for his first year. He went crazy in his first event, freestyle. He looked like a shark thrashing in the water but really not going anywhere fast. I asked what in the world he was doing and he said that he was trying to swim the rocket (we won't be trying that next year!). Then he swam butterfly and placed second but got DQed for a flutter kick (pretty much all but one of the 6 year olds got DQed - it was more for practice). He redeemed himself on his last event, backstroke, and placed 3rd out of 20! Thank goodness he ended on a good note!