Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We were SO done with Halloween by the time actual Halloween night rolled around, but we managed one more party!

Liz throwing candy at the boys

The back of the Gleeds truck

One house in the neighborhood goes ALL OUT and make a whole haunted house.

The Star Wars House

Caden skated everywhere, got plenty of "naughty child" looks from frumpy adults, but I figured "who cares - it's Halloween"!

Crew with his best buddy Rocky

The girls
Liz, Michelle K, me, Meagan, Susie, Michelle A, Roxy

Pre - Halloween!

Halloween is a month long party for us. Here are a few of the highlights!

Decorating the House
We begin every October 1 by decorating the house and getting out all of our Halloween books and toys. Always and exciting day for the kids.

Monday Dinners
FHE in October is all about spooky food and games. Some pics from my house, some from the Jeppsons.

We made our own pinatas this year. Fun, but not worth the time. 6 hours of creating = one minute of fun.

Kula Farms
Our pumpkin patch here is cute, country, quaint. It was even overcast and cold(ish) the night we went. It almost felt like we didn't live in Maui, except for the huge sweeping gorgeous views from upcountry.

Fall Family Fun Night
Liz and I were in charge of all of the raffle baskets and silent auction items. A TON of work! It ended with a very fun successful night but I literally didn't leave the raffle area for even 2 minutes to enjoy any other part of the festival with my kids. They said they had fun, though! Funniest part of the night, out of 3000 raffle tickets, Crew won the first basket of the night! A huge arts and crafts basket. I drew all the winning tickets and announced all the wimmers and felt like the whole auditorium was staring at me like "ya, right"! HA!

Chase's School Dance
He was so excited/nervous for his first Jr High dance. Also absolutely mortified that I snuck in and tried to take a picture of him and his friends. He had a great time. We peeked on him half way through the night and Liz even went in and danced on stage and started a congo line. He said it was ok for her to come, but not me! Stinker - he is truly turning into a teenager.

Crew's Party
Crew's preschool is so cute for Halloween. They decorate everything and have about a 3 hour extraveganza with parade, singing, pinata, carnival games, cookie decorating. He had so much fun. I had to leave early to set up for Caden's party. I didn't take any pictures of that (whoops) but it was cute. Apparently 4th graders are SO not over having class parties. They were all begging me to come back soon.

Trunk Or Treat
By this time I was SO tired with all of our Halloween activities. It was really cute though and the kids loved hanging out with their church friends and of course getting more candy!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Camping Wainapanapa

For fall break, we went to Hana with about 5 other families. We stayed at the ghetto, but fabulous, cabins at Wainapanapa State Park. We have done this once before and it is a favorite with our boys. We have so many darling friends here with so many boys!
We stopped at a couple of places along the way to Hana.

Most of the kids packed into the back of the Gleeds truck.

The freezing caves at Waianapanapa.

Cave exploring - only a select few of the bravest boys and daddies did this. I was glad when they were done.

Air soft wars - a favorite activity of most the kids.

Sammy chopping something with his ax and Crew looking for someone to shoot. A boys paradise.
Liz made chicken and artichoke tin foil dinners for everyone - Yummy!

Look at the perfect form!

Dub and Caden both trying to woo Gabby

The kids found an awesome blow hole right down from our cabins. Once again, they loved it and I was just glad to return to the cabins safely with all of the children.

Of course, campfire at night with scary stories and all. We ended up with all the 8-9 year old boys in our cabin crammed into the bunk beds. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the bunk room!!!

Games at night.
What would we do without babysitter Bri to watch the little ones?

Early the next morning, Caden and Ranger were the first to brave the powerful waves at Hamoa Beach.

Getting ready to come home.

The ride home - I'd say it was a successful trip!