Thursday, April 22, 2010

Makahiki Day

The boys had a themed field day at school today. It was Makahiki Day and they played ancient hawaiian warrior games. Think lawn bowling, spear throwing, coconut shot put, etc.
They had SO much fun!
I had a great time helping out, too. I always love watching them at school with their friends.
They just make me smile! :)
Lawn Bowling

Some of "the boys" from Chase's class

Chase and Morgan

Caden spear throwing


Tug of war

Caden, Henry, and Elijah

Alex and Caden

Caden's Class

Go With It

Last night we went to the beach to watch some of the filming of Go With It. They weren't too fond of cameras, but here are a couple shots.

Adam Sandler is in the middle in the orange striped shirt.
Jennifer Aniston is right under the microphone boom.

The best part about the filming? The beach is totally lit up with bright lights so Caden could skim board at night under the lights! He had a blast! He was the only one in the water so he could go crazy and practice all his tricks without anyone getting in his way.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adam Sandler - The Best Actor of Our Generation!

OK - I'm going to try to set up this story without writing a book.

First, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Brooklyn Decker are all in town for the next 5 weeks filming a movie. Most of the shots are taking place at the Grand Wailea hotel. We are having a blast watching all the film crew, paparazzi, and trying to spot celebrities. Today, after the boys got out of school, I took them to watch the filming. I totally pulled a crazy stage mom moment and told my kids they could walk across the lobby while they were filming. At best, they will be a spec in the background of the background. It is amazing to me at how much preparation goes into filming something that will eventually take up about 1 minute of the movie. Seriously, no less than 8 hours of rehearsal and set up for just 1 minute!

Anyway, after about an hour of stalking the movie, we got bored and started to walk home. On our way out of the hotel we walked right by Adam Sandler who was meeting with the director. Chase shocked me by saying "Hey Adam! What's up?" Shocking me even further, Adam stopped what he was doing and took the time to have a conversation with Chase! He was SO, SO, SO cool to him. They talked about 50 First Dates (Chases's favorite Sandler movie), our living in Hawaii (which Adam thought was really cool), and filming. I think I just stood there in shock that Adam took the time while filming to make Chase feel special and cool. He ended by telling me what a beautiful family I had and said goodbye to all the boys. It absolutely made our day! I love Adam!

So tonight at dinner, Chase was still glowing and said "I can't believe I talked to the Greatest actor of our generation!" That may be just a little bit of a stretch. ;) Still, Adam earned BIG points with me today!

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a fabulous Easter weekend! And the best part,
Grammy G was here to celebrate with us!

We started Friday with a community egg hunt. Too hot, too long, but the kids had fun.

Dying eggs was, ummm, an experience. We had some issues getting the eggs bright. Crew would hold his egg in the dye with his hand. The boys cracked more eggs on their head than they decorated. They had a blast but it was chaos which ended with Grandma pushing all of us, me included, in the pool with our clothes on. Oh, let me quickly explain that we spent Easter weekend in a condo with my mom in Kihei which explains the new setting. It has been awesome! We have our own little pool and fenced in yard.

Easter morning started at 6:01 for us. Caden was a little bit excited! The kids all loved their baskets and have spent several days going through them again and again, especially Crew.

We made a delicious brunch with eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, fruit, mini muffins, homemade syrup, ..... oh boy! We have some serious dieting to do now!

The egg hunt was so fun and actually turned out really even, with Crew winning with 23 eggs, Chase with 21, and Caden with 20. In all fairness to the other boys, Crew had his own section that the boys weren't allowed to go in but he found his eggs so fast and join in on the competitive fun with the big boys.
Oh, please excuse their egg hunting outfits. They were all in mismatched jammies but I didn't feel like arguing with them on easter about their fashion. ;-)

We ended the morning with a big party at the Grand Wailea - bounce houses, obstacle courses, carnival games, magician, decorating sugar cookies, 2 egg hunts, etc, etc, etc. By noon, all the adults were exhausted (or as my kids would say, eggshausted - badumdumdum)

Happy Easter and Loves to All!