Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Dinners

A couple of weeks ago I made spaghetti in jack-o-lantern peppers. SUCH an easy and cute dinner. Everyone except Caden liked the hint of pepper that flavored the spaghetti. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Broken Wrist

This child will be the death of me...
Yesterday before soccer practice, Caden was climbing a tree and fell on his wrist. He didn't even cry and still tried to practice with his team. About an hour into practice, his coach called me and said I might want to come get Caden because his wrist was really swelling and bugging him. We raced to the park to find Caden uncomfortable but still not crying. We thought it must just be a sprain. We brought him home, iced it, and wrapped it.
This morning it was still sore but we just wrapped it and sent him to school. I was debating taking him to the doctors and after talking to my mom this morning decided to just take him in and get it checked. Good thing! He fully broke his wrist, through the growth plate! I cannot believe he wasn't ever crying or freaking out. Don't let his size fool you - he is one tough little bugger! His arm is splinted for now because they cannot cast it until the swelling is completely gone. He will wear the splint for 10 days and then have a hard cast for 4 weeks or so. I just cannot believe it. It is one thing after the other with this kid. He just plays way too hard and is way to crazy! But through it all, he is such a trooper and is so positive. He can't wait to go to school tomorrow and tell all his friends about his arm and he cannot WAIT to get his hard cast and have everyone sign it.
I, meanwhile, always stress of the worst case senerio - that he will have one gimpy arm if his growth plate does not heal properly. I think I have aged 5 years in the last few months with Caden. Tonight he told me "this is awesome! I'm going to have so many cool stories to tell my kids when I'm older!" Kids are resilient.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kapalua with Grandma

Last weekend we went to Kapalua for some fun and relaxation. It was so gorgeous. We surfed, swam and jumped in the bay, relaxed and played in the pool, went for walks, played football, etc. We had such a great time with Grandma Gayle. She is so much fun. We are all so lucky to have her. I truly think she is the best mom and grandma in the world (I know Ali will back me up on this!) Crew did not leave her side for the entire 10 days she was here!

We used my waterproof camera this weekend. Crew is seriously so comfortable in the water - he amazes me!

Such a gorgeous pool. Not a bad place to hang out. :)

We almost always have a football in hand in case we feel the need for a little scrimmage. On this particular day, the Gleeds came out on top.

One of our favorite things to do in Kapalua is to jump and swim in this beautiful bay. (Video at the end of the blog)

It took some convincing but Grandma finally got in the ocean and swam and relaxed a bit. She ended up loving it.

Me and what I will look like in 26 years. Love you Mommy!

Night Swimming

Hopefully this video works. I'm still not confident in my video posting skills.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chase's Birthday

Birthday Breakfast
Chase had the lucky coincidence of having a teacher workday on his actual birthday so we got to party and spoil him all day long! The day started with many of his favorite foods for breakfast - pumpkin muffins, baked cinnamon toast, eggs, and fruit. Yum - Yum!
Big Beach
After breakfast, Chase opened his presents and we were off to Big Beach to try out his new Zap skim board. It was a great day and the boys pulled some awesome tricks.

Kick Flip

We ended the day with his party at our community pool.

Chase loved that I made his treats. We had yummy cupcakes with edible surfboards and sand bottom (graham cracker pie crust) ice cream cups.

After dark, we watched a surf movie on the water surface of the kiddie pool area. The picture wasn't perfect but it was really cool.
Happy Birthday to my 11 year old baby boy! We love you!