Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We were excited to find a pumpkin patch in Maui.
So it didn't have corn mazes, bounce houses, slides, hay rides, or any of the hoopla that we are used to a pumpkin patch having,......

But it was cute and fun and warm!

Crew thought this goat was hilarious.

The tiny pumpkin in Crew's hand looked more like an orange than a pumpkin. Try as we might to convince him to get another pumpkin, this was the one he loved and HAD to get. The lady charging us at the end asked him where he found it and said she couldn't even charge him for it! He has walked around with his little pumpkin for the last 2 days. He loves it!

They had perfect pumpkins, great shaped pumpkins, red and green pumpkins, ... a great selection.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monster Mash!

Tonight we had a little pre-Halloween party to get us pumped about the holidays. It is hard to feel in the spirit of things without the change of seasons but we are adjusting to new and fun traditions.
We had a Monster Mash dinner with monster mamwiches, pumpkin muffins, and Halloween leis. The kids had a great time dancing on our balcony to Halloween music. I kept thinking that all the vacationers staying here must think we are crazy (they don't know we live here year round). They LOVED our new Halloween plates and cups. The littlest things are so exciting to kids - I just love watching their enthusiasm.

Crew fell asleep while I was making dinner so he was a little graugy at first, but he loved playing with his lei and had it all torn apart by the end of the night.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Zipline Adventure

Today, Geoff and I took Chase Ziplineing and it was incredible. It was a perfect day and it was just gorgeous at the ranch. We took a five Zipline tour which ended with a half mile line. I love how adventurous and fun Chase is. We just had a great day with our big boy! (You have to be at least 10 years old and at least 80 pounds to go. Poor Caden might be 12 before he gets to go!)
The first line was a practice line over a field. All the rest went over a huge, beautiful gulch with ocean views. I couldn't get a lot of pictures because you really weren't supposed to take pictures while riding. But I did sneak a few and even got one on video, if I can figure out how to upload it!

It was fun (and a good work out) just to get to the platforms!

Geoff hates it when I take pictures of him! But I think he's cute!

Hopefully these two videos work! Its my first time trying to blog video.