Friday, February 29, 2008

Skater Boys

Today was gorgeous so I took the boys to the skate park. I checked Boston out of school early (he LOVES that) and then we got my boys and it was off to the park to practice their moves. The park was packed and the boys worked mostly on their ramp moves. They had a blast !
This was our first skateboarding injury that has landed one of them in the ER. Chase was doing a double ramp and made it down the first one and then lost his balance before the second and went down hard on his ankle. I took him in for xrays just to be sure it wasn't broken (I really thought it was) but it turns out it was just a sprain.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aloha Again!

Last weekend, we just couldn't believe that we didn't plan anything for Presidents Week, so we packed up and took off to Hawaii. We seriously had one of our best trips ever! The weather was absolutely perfect everyday, the surf was up at our beach (= great skimboarding and body surfing) we took the best hike, we saw sea turtles and whales right off the shore - everything was just awesome! For some reason, not all of my pictures downloaded, but here are a few favorites of our hike.

The gorgeous valley we hike up - 2 miles up and 2 miles down.

We had to cross over 2 suspension bridges. Looking back, I can't believe I let Caden cross - they were about 20 feet up with huge boulder rocks beneath! The boys were in heaven though. They thought they were in an Indiana Jones movie!

Geoff was such a trooper. He carried Crew the WHOLE time! Not that the little stinker even wanted me - he is obsessed with his daddy lately!

We crossed through a couple bamboo forests. The kids found some dried bamboo that doubled as hiking sticks and Kung Fu weapons.

One of the creeks we crossed. There was a huge swimming hole at the top with cliffs to jump in from.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hearts Day!

We had such a great Valentines Day! First, I had a party for Cadens class - game, decorating cookies, crafts, etc. Then my boys came home and got their gifts - Crew almost pulled his glass jar off the counter and onto his head - oops! Then we had several of our friends over for dinner. It was so fun and casual, just nice to all be together and enjoy good food and conversation. And the kids had a blast of course causing complete pandemonium in the house with their friends. They know I can's get too mad at them when there are so many people around - hehe! Happy Valentines Day to all our friends and family. We love you all!

Monday, February 11, 2008


We're back from Cabo - with surprisingly few pictures. Maybe that's because we spent the majority of our vacation getting spa treatments (PS - the hot stone massage was heavenly!). It was great just to get away and enjoy some time together and with our best friends. You sometimes forget how nice it is to have an adult conversation without the chaos of our little angels storming around us! And my kids survived, even with Crew being sick. So that proved to me that I can leave them and they won't be permanently damaged from it. Thanks Grandma Gayle, Mc Call and Mindy - you're awesome!First night by the campfires.

Nice beach but you couldn't go in the water. But it's awesome cause you have this HUGE beach with just like 20 people on it. And the Humpback whale pass by all day only about 50 feet from the shore. Very cool to watch.

The night of our dinner on the beach.

Dinner on the beach - my favorite night. The food was great, the company was better and we had a GORGEOUS sunset!

We tried to hang out in our private bed on the beach after dinner but it was cold and not TOO private so we didn't stay long.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Crew Update

My Poor baby is doing MUCH better. These breathing treatments have really helped him and his antibiotic has kicked in. It will break my heart to leave my angel boys tomorrow, but I am looking forward to Cabo! See you soon!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Thanks, Becky!

Here are some pictures that Becky took of my precious baby in happier days last week. Now he is SO sick - high fever, ear infection, and respiratory problems. They just dropped off a breathing machine cause we have to give him breathing treatments 3 times a day! I can't believe it! My poor baby. Stay tuned for his progress and pray for a quick recovery.

Friday, February 1, 2008

100th Day of School!

We had a big party today at the boys school for the 100th Day of School! As per my mom's suggestion, I did a 100th Day Olympics. It was SO fun! Every event had something to do with 100 (100 yard dash, 100 hops, 100 bounce passes, 100 ball parachute toss, etc...) As you can probably guess the 100 ball parachute toss was the favorite! After they had finished all the events (each child had an Olympic Event sheet with stickers for passing each event) I gave them all medals and treats (100 calorie cookie bags and Juice). Their teachers did all sorts of other fun games with them throughout the day. Chase's class made trail mix with 100 different items and a bunch of other graphing, sorting, etc activities. Caden's class made 100 word books, had to read 100 words, and had a story (I wish I could remember the name - Chicken Stew?) about a wolf that fattens up this chicken he wants to eat by feeding it 100 different things. Then their teacher made them pancakes in class and they ate 100+ pancakes (collectively, of course). As if all of that wasn't fun enough, their principal bought 5 sleds for the kids and they made a sledding hill on the property and the kids all got to sled during their lunch break. What a great day for the boys. We brought home a few extra friends home with us from school so the party is still going on. I think I need a 100 minute nap after all this!