Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We had such a wonderful Christmas with our family!
It's not white, it's not traditional, but it's our tradition and we love it!
Reading Christmas books on Christmas Eve.
Crew's stocking - I did not do a good job getting pictures of everything, oh well.
He LOVES his new big wheel bike from Santa!
Caden got a sweet new skimboard, skateboard, DS and a bunch of fun toys and candy.

Chase got all his own scuba diving stuff. He was so pumped. He has already been a couple times with Geoff.
All the cousins
Christmas Breakfast - notice Chase was already pumped to go diving!
Caden is super good on a skimboard!

Diving at Makena Landing - a perfect beginners beach dive.
Waiting for daddy and Chase to get done with their dive. I just love Maui - so many gorgeous spots.

Monday, December 22, 2008

What a beautiful day for them! Well worth the quick trip home.

We love you both and are so excited to have a new sister/aunt!

I had so many cute pictures but had trouble posting them. So these few will just have to do for now!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


We took a ferry over to Oahu for a few days to see the Pipeline Masters. The first day it stormed so hard the whole island was flooded! We tried to come back to Maui early but all feeries were cancelled! We were so bummed because the Pipeline was cancelled for the day and the Polynesian Cultural Center was closed due to heavy rain. We couldn't even go shopping downtown! But the next day made it all worth it. We got up early to blue skies and the competition was back on! We picked the absolute perfect spot on the beach, right in front of where the surfers entered the water and right in front of the actual surf break. Everyone was sprawled out on about a quarter mile stretch of beach so our choice of seats was really lucky!
Kelly Slater was SO awesome! I can't believe that he still totally dominates after so many years! We LOVED watching him!

This is Chris Ward. He ended up 2nd in the competition and was awesome.

Two guys catching the same wave. All the surfers were amazing!

Kelly Slater getting ready for another heat.

Kelly catching another tube. He scored a perfect 10!

Kelly Slater and my boys! I was amazed that we could just walk up to him and ask for a picture. He was SO cool!
We had to leave during the semis to catch our ferry back to Maui. Kelly ended up winning the competition and ending the year ranked #1! We are SO going back next year!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We had an absolutely fabulous Thanksgiving. We started the day with a gorgeous paddleboard/snorkeling adventure. We paddled down the coast to Makena Landing (a famous snorkel spot). Crew was on my board, Caden was on Geoffs, and Chase paddled his own board. The round trip excursion was about 5 miles and took over 3 hours. I was so proud of Chase. I was absolutely exhausted at the end but CHase kept up the entire ride!
We stopped a couple times along the way for the boys to snorkel. It was so cool! We saw SO many sea turtles.
Everyone was excited when we finally reached land. We played for a little while on the beach and had a picnic.
That night we went out to dinner with my mom. I love having her here. She is such a help with the boys.