Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today we had another fun-filled summer day at Lagoon with a bunch of our friends. It was so much fun because my kids are just as much ride junkies as I am. They have no fear! Even little Caden went on a bunch of rides he shouldn't because he is still a few inches shy of the height requirement - nothing that Heelys and a spiky hairdo can't fix!
I've always thought these western pictures are so cute. We were all laughing hysterically trying to get this whole group to cooperate!

Caden calls Wicked "wicked awesome"! The first time we went I took all the big kids and then the next time we took Caden and Dub! I still can't believe I let little Caden ride it, but he was insistent! This was everyones favorite ride.

Ethan, Boston, and Chase getting soaked on Cliff Hanger!

Crew LOVES rides!

Nate and Caden getting ready to swing


The animal train - notice Hayes being cool in his shades!

The whole group at the end of a fun and exhausting day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Park City

Last night we went to Park City for family night. We had a great time - alpine slides, alpine coaster (my favorite), zip line, and kiddie rides. We finished the night off at Main Street Pizza and Noodle then came home to a sweet neighborhood fireworks show!

We are so glad to have our daddy fixed! He had his third surgery on his head and he finally looks normal again! Let's hope the third times a charm and we don't have to worry about it anymore.

Chase and Geoff on the Zip Line

Caden is such a goof ball!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

This is THE Place!

To celebrate Pioneer Day weekend, we took the kids to This Is The Place for education and fun! It was SO hot but we had the best time. It was much cuter than I was anticipating. It is pretty much 40 acres of dirt roads, wooden paths, original log cabins and homes of the pioneers, main street with a bank, store, hotel, shops, schoolhouse, and tons of activities. I highly recommend this place!
Brigham Youngs Farmhouse

One of the main streets

A small house with one bed for 7 children!

Chase and Boston doing the laundry

Caden in the Watermelon Eating contest

Crew with his watermelon

The boys in the schoolhouse.

The kids village had about 8 cool playhouses.

The boys with their Deseret Dollars - the original currency in Utah

All the kids eating Farr Ice Cream - doing business in Utah since 1890!

Hayes and Crew - double trouble - at least they are finally friends!

Caden with the sheep

Chase wanted to bring this guy home with us

All the kids loved the petting zoo!

The pony ride was a favorite for my boys...
Especially Crew!

A ride in a covered wagon.

The miniature train ride

The night before, we did fireworks with the Rhodes. We had some pretty fun ones this year.

The parachute one was their favorite. It launched off about 30 parachute and the kids got to try to catch them.

Crew tollerated the fireworks.

Kiana creative with her sparkler.

Smoke Bombs

The Finale

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Today I took my boys to the zoo. It was SO much fun! The zoo was clean and not overly crowded. The best part was watching Crew literally RUN with excitement from animal to animal!
The Albino Alligator is new. There are only 10 in the world!

Crew was so cute! When he saw the elephants he just looked at them for a while and then turned to me and said "Dumbo!"

Who doesn't want a little monkey for a pet?

I love meerkats! One of my favorite shows is Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet! (no joke!)

The gorilla came right up to Caden and sat back to back with him. I was able to snap a quick picture before all the kids crowded in to see.

Almost Chase! Boy my baby is sure getting big!

They have a new carousel at the zoo. There were so many cute animals to choose from!

The bird show was pretty cool. They all fly right overhead!

Of course we had to find a place to rock out!

We ended the day with a train ride. Crew was exhausted and hot by then but we still had a great day!