Sunday, March 29, 2009


We had a fabulous few days in Oahu. The weather wasn't the best, but we were still able to do all that we wanted. Our favorite activity was the Polynesian Cultural Center. We were blown away with how wel it was done and how fun it was. Our only complaint was that it wasn't open for long enough. This is really a two day event if you want to do everything. We also did lots of shopping, explored the island, and ate at Cheesecake Factory many times. Although we love Oahu, we were glad to be back home in Maui. Maui is just more relaxed, cleaner, and WAY less crowded.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So random, but so fun!

We were eating dinner at Fred's last night and we were looking through a Maui event magazine and saw the Journey was playing that night. We both LOVE Journey and thought it would be cool to check out the outdoor theater so we hurried and finished dinner and went to the concert. It was a little more expensive than I thought it would be but totally awesome. Journey sounds SO good live and our boys loved the music. We had perfect seats, direct middle, right in front of the sound stage so the boys could stand on their seats or sit on our shoulders without blocking anyone. Crew was dancing and kept saying, "I like this. I like concerts!" They are already asking when we can do it again.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Surfing, Skimming, Shave Ice

Surfing, skimming, shave ice at sunset ..... another perfect Sunday afternoon.

Geoff is really getting good at paddle surfing. I, on the other hand, am terrible. I didn't even catch one wave!
Chase can paddle out and catch his own waves but gets board waiting for a good set.

Caden needs help catching a wave but once he gets going, he rips. He's got great balance.

I LOVE my boys when they are loving each other!

Always trying to keep up with the big boys!

Chase is getting much better at skimboarding. He can almost turn up the wave and ride it back.

To end our evening of exercise and fun ..... shave ice from Local Boys.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kiss Us, We're Irish!

Courtesy of Grandma Katie, I have 3 Irish boys! They are very proud of their Irish Heritage. Every year the leprechauns bring them treats. Today they found us at the beach and hid candy in our beach umbrella! Sneaky little guys!
Grandma Katie sent them a huge package filled with shirts, hats, stuffed animals, bubbles, books, arts and crafts, green fortune cookies, lots of fun Irish stuff. Thanks Grandma Katie! We love you!

Till We Meet Again.....

I hate saying goodbye. I especially hate saying goodbye to all the wonderful friends we have made in Utah. SO I choose to say, till we meet again, like we are on an extended vacation. But I wont lie, it was hard to drive away from my empty shell of a house, thinking of all the wonderful experiences/memories made there and all the friends that we are leaving behind.

The week before we left was filled with so many parties and celebrations. I made it through them all with only minimal emotional breakdowns.

Party 1 - School Goodbyes!

We had pizza and treats as the kids hugged and said farewells to all their little buddies. I have LOVED their school and will truely miss it and all the staff and families there.

Party 2 - Trafalga

For kids and adults we played games, ate pizza, rode the coaster simulator, and golfed. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of our friends. That is what makes leaving Utah the hardest. I just don't see how we will ever have such a fun group of friends again. So everyone just has to come visit us, OK?!

Party 3 - GNO at Janes (my pics won't post - go to Jane or Shannons blog)

Jane is always the best party host and she had everything so special and perfect for one last night of gossip and games. We played scrabble which was a blast! The girls are the BEST! I always cherish the times we get together for Bunco, birthdays, lunch, etc. Miss all of you already! Jane, I am planning on coming home every Halloween just cause you always make it SO fun!

We miss everyone to pieces but the move has been really great for us as a family. Geoff is able to be very productive over here and already has some promissing opportunities. The boys are just loving being outside and going to the beach everyday. I love just being together as a family. The bonus of leaving all your friends behind is that you truely have to rely on and support each other. Our family is strengthened every time we are here. Last Sunday we walked to the beach in the early evening - we played football on the beach, had races up and down the beach, and then watched the sunset. I looked at my boys all just having a blast (Geoff included) in just an absolutely breath-taking senery and thought, it just doesn't get any better than nights like these.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I love everything about disneyland...
the rides, the shows, the parades, the restaurants, the shops, the magic, the atmosphere, everything!
As much as I love it is how much my husband loathes it. So this year I was lucky enough to go with my sister Ali and her son Trenton. Ali is a fellow Disney lover and we are working on converting her son. Trenton was such a trouper as we tested his boundaries of being pushed outside his comfort zone. The first day he was pretty nervous, the second day he was starting to enjoy himself, and by the third day he was walking around like he owned the place! I was so proud of him!
My 3 boys are all Disneyland lovers like their momma and we all just had a blast together!
Traditional entry picture

Dumbo is always a must

Toy Story Mania is a new awesome ride in California Park. We ALL loved it!

Ali's best friend since age 5, Kristin, and her son, Jake, joined us for a day. It was so great to see them and catch up on things - its been 15 years since I had seen Kristin.

We had dinner at Hooks Point at the Hotel. Food was just OK and expensive but our view was cool!

LOVE my sissy!

Crew was the best - dancing, smiling, running - just loving discovering Disneyland. (We are omitting the screaming, biting and hitting cause he looks so darn cute!)

Caden is at a perfect age for Disneyland. He will still go on all the little kid rides but is old enough to appreciate and enjoy most all of the big rides.

What a handsome bunch!

I always loved Toms Sawyer's island as a kid. It is now Pirates Lair but sill has most of the same cool caves, bridges, and secret hideaways. Needless to say, all of the boys had a blast running around and exploring the island.

Playhouse Disney Live was one of Crews favorite things. He sang and danced with all the puppets from his favorite shows. Trenton enjoyed it too - especially when the streamers came down. He wore them with pride for a little while!

Goofys Kitchen is always a must for my boys.

I love that he's not too old or embarrassed to run up and hug the characters!

A genuine smile from Trent!

My favorite part of Disneyland - being with my family! I had SO much fun! Ali and Trenton were the perfect Disneyland partners!