Monday, September 27, 2010


Oh my, how has the last 11 years just flown by? My baby angel turned 11 today. We had a fabulous day which I will blog about later. In the meantime, here are some pics of my handsome Chase growing into a young man.

Chase has such a wonderful heart and spirit. He is so full of emotion, life, love, energy .... Everyone loves to be around him. He is just the life of the party and has so much fun whatever he is doing. I am so proud of the young man he is turning into. He is certainly not without error ;) but he really does try to make good decisions and to be a good person. Love you, love you, love you Baby Cakes! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Surfing, Soccer, Skating, Surfing, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

OK - so I feel like all I blog about it surfing lately, but it is the new family passion. My boys (and Dub) already want to drop out of school so they can surf every morning and be home schooled. Oh dear - how quickly we have adopted the laissez-faire Hawaiian mentality! :)
We started the morning at 6:30 so the boys could surf for a couple hours before Caden's soccer game. I was SO proud of Chase. Usually he is intimidated by his little brother because Caden caught onto surfing immediately, but Chase charged right our this morning and caught some great waves. Geoff's mission is to turn his boys into paddle surfers - he thinks it is the wave of the future (no pun intended) and I am starting to believe him. Today, easily 75% of the surfers were paddle surfing. Anyone who has paddle boarded can probably guess how hard it must be to paddle SURF. The boys are all doing GREAT!
My little sidekick. Couple more years until he can hang with the big boys!
This might be the cutest thing EVER! Best friends catching the wave at just the right time together. Dub surfs regular foot and Caden is goofy foot so in the picture below you can tell they are both breaking to their own side of the wave. It was SO cute! And, not to be a bragger Mommy, BUT, in the picture blow, Caden is not falling - that is an aggressive bottom turn!

Go Micheal! (This one's for your dad :)

My very skinny and buff husband! Paddle boarding has totally changed his body!

Me and Mr Joe Cool!

So after a few hours of surfing, it was onto Caden and Dubs soccer game. So the field is VERY sandy but, seriously, could the field be any cooler?!
Break time - it rough! Bri's soccer team is so cute. They wear their bathing suits under their uniforms and jump in the ocean after the game.
Next, we were onto skateboarding, then dinner at Maui Tacos, and finally Diary of a Wimpy Kid on our lanai.
Just an awesome Saturday. Maui is honestly a boys paradise.