Saturday, February 27, 2010

We Are Ready ........

As many of you have heard, the devastating earthquake in Chili has sent a tsunami our direction. We have know of the possibility of this since late last night and then the emergency alarms and evacuations started at 6:00 this morning. I am so impressed and thankful for the amount of warning we have had. There is a sense of calm. The weather is gorgeous, the ocean looks like a lake, all stores and restaurants are closed, lower roads are all closed, all beaches and public parks are closed. No one is panicked. Everyone went to their evacuation stations calmly and orderly. I am sure that no lives will be lost but am still concerned about the possible damage to our beautiful island. We went down to the beach at about 10:00 am and the waters had significantly receded. Other than that, we have seen no action ... yet. Let's hope that continues. Let me just close once again to say how proud and thankful I am to be an American, even in the islands. I feel very safe, very protected, very calm.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bon Jovi!

Where else can you watch a private Bon Jovi concert from a hot tub? SO cool! I was missing my Ali and wishing she was with us. She has always been in love with Bon Jovi!

Livin On A Prayer

Dead or Alive


How Did I Get So Lucky?

My four Valentines ..... how did I get so lucky?
Oh how I love my boys. We had such a fun Valentines Day. After church we hiked Twin Falls.
It was a perfect day. Not too many people, great weather.
Chase on a rope swing. I should have videoed this so you could see how far out he swings!

To get to the rope swing, you have to jump off this. Caden was nervous at first but ended up doing it. He gets scared, not of the jump, but of the cold water below! And it IS cold!

The second falls you hike to is Twin Falls. Usually you can jump off the falls but the water wasn't deep enough so Geoff wouldn't let Chase try. We had a great Bear Grills moment where we taught the boys how to test the depth of the water with big sticks and how you can drink water that leaks through the lava rock BEHIND waterfalls. It is much purer than the water in the waterfall and ponds.
Behind Twin Falls

After our hike, we walked down to the Grand Wailea because we heard Bon Jovi was giving a private concert for a software group that had rented out the whole hotel! For those of you who know the hotel, we sat on the ledge on the hot tub above the cave and Bon Jovi played on the big grass area. We had PERFECT seats! We could see and hear everything while our kids played in the hot tub. Coolest concert EVER! Bon Jovi is incredible live. Such a great voice! The concert ended with a 10 minute firework show on the beach. Such a cool night and it was all free!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Crew!

My baby is 3! I can't believe how fast he grew up!
A few our favorite things about Crew:

1. He LOVES the water and all water activities. He is an amazing swimmer in both the pool and ocean. He goes on big waterslides by himself, can touch the bottom of an 8 ft deep pool, boogie boards in the ocean and can read and catch waves all by himself..... We are all amazed and laugh at him all the time because it is so funny to see someone so little do all the things he does.

2. Scooters, scooters, scooters! His favorites are his razor scooter with light-up wheels and his brothers spark scooters. He rips down the hill, jumps the driveway, goes on ramps (kind of). He has great balance and coordination for a little guy.

3. He is SO tough and all boy, yet he spends half his day on my lap, wants to carried, and constantly gives cuddles. I LOVE this mixture of half tough-guy half sweetheart (although he is not the lightest kid to carry around!)

4. He loves playing games on his iTouch and is really good at them. It amazes me how quickly kids can learn all the techno stuff!

5. He loves disney movies, toys, books, etc. Right now Buzz and the Monster Inc characters are his favorites. He is SO excited to go to Disneyworld in May!

Crew had a birthday full of lots of fun activities. In the morning he woke up to a decorated house, a DVD with Captain Zoom singing him a personalized birthday song, presents and pancakes.

Then we went to the beach for some boogie boarding.

We tried to go to the aquarium but got rained out so we went to see the Tooth Fairy instead (not our favorites movie). Then we had dinner in Lahaina with Dusty and Jane and played glow in the dark mini golf.

Finally, we came home for cake and ice cream! Happy Birthday, Cruiser Bruiser!