Sunday, February 20, 2011


This weekend, we did the LONG drive to Hana to do our favorite hike. Gorgeous weather and Crew did the whole hike (4 miles and pretty steep) with just a few roller coaster rides from Geoff. I love these days with my family, when the boys can run, explore, and just have fun in an absolutely beautiful and safe setting. After 2 and a half years of living here, I still marvel at all the beauty the island has to offer.

No matter what hike we are on, my boys always find something to jump off of.
We swam WAY back here. It was deep and cold, but awesome!

About a mile of the trail is bamboo forest.
A break for lunch.
The hike ends at the base of this 400 foot waterfall!

I Heart My Boys

I love having four boys to spoil and who spoil me for valentines day!
My little boys woke up to candy bags and date boxes with a special date planned for just them and mommy. They were so excited!
Then, onto schools for 3 class parties. Crew made sugar cookies and passed out cards in their cute buckets they decorated.
I played 3 games with Chase and Caden's class:
Kiss Me (Heads up 7 up but with Hersheys Kisses)
Heart Attack (stacking conversation hearts without letting them fall)
Send Me Your Love (launching balloons at a target)
All the kids had a blast. I must have been crazy and overly busy for Caden's party. I didn't get any pictures of his class :(

Valentines night, I had my real date with my big boy! Geoff and I went to a party at our friend the Jeppson's house. We had desserts with 2 chocolate fountains and then played the Newlywed Game! It was a blast but I didn't even get one picture. I was deleriously happy to be kid free that I totally forgot to take any pictures, even though my camera was in my purse. Geoff and I won the game and got a sweet prize that included babysitting, dinner, and a movie!

Caden was my first date night with the kids. We went to see the Justin Bieber movie (I know there are haters, but that kid is seriously talented - no joke!) and then to the Melting Pot. Yum Yum.

Crew and I went to breakfast and then to the Fun Factory. At the end, he used his tickets to buy us both prizes! He is so sweet. Whatever he picked out for himself, he got me one too! He must have told me 50 times "I'm having so much fun on our special date".

Chase was my last date. We tried a new restaurant, Monkeypod (not impressed), and then went to see Daughtry in concert. It was amazing! We are both American Idol fans and love Chris Daughtry. It was so cool to see him up close and personal. He played in a small theater which seats only about 1000 people so the concert was really close and personal. He seems like a super cool guy. We loved it!