Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cruise Ship

Here is our beautiful ship, The Brilliance of the Seas. What a way to travel. It had several restaurants, 3 pools ( including a kiddie pool with 2 water slides), sports court, mini golf, golf simulator, gym, theater, ..... They had free kids camps at various times of the day for all kids over 3. My older 2 boys took full advantage of this at night, especially Caden. We had such a wonderful time with Geoff's family. Thanks to Mom and Dad for an amazing experience.

These 2 were trouble every night about half way through dinner, but they thought they were hilarious!

On the last night Caden got chosen to go up on stage and be part of the magicians show. He was so excited and felt so cool when people recognized him afterwards.
The boys with the Magician


Capri is a great island off the coast of Naples. We had a rough start of the day. We hopped in a taxi to follow everyone else to the Blue Grotto (second picture above) but hopped back out when we realized how expensive it was going to be. This was our last stop of the trip and we were out of cash. So Geoff went into town to find a bank and I stood in line to buy tickets for a boat tour that would take us around the island. There was no bank in town so we started our boat tour with 8 Euro left, a cell phone that was out of battery, and an American Express card - which is rarely accepted in Europe. We were a little stressed but we decided to just relax and enjoy the tour.

The whole island was just beautiful. Our boat trip was one of our favorite moments of the trip.

Next time we do Europe, we're going on one of these! ;)

The only bummer of the day was that we weren't able to into the blue grotto. It was 14 Euro each and a 2 hour wait! Everybody's pictures look so cool, though.

After the boat tour, we had just enough money to take a cable car up to Capri Town where we just happened to find the only bank on the entire island that would let us take a cash draw on our American Express. Phew! That was a relief!
We found this darling restaurant and had a great lunch overlooking the harbor below. So pretty and the food was great!

We later went to the town of Anacapri and took this chairlift up to the highest point of the island. Just beautiful - amazing views!

Capri gets a RECOMMEND from us. It was really cool to see!