Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Minute To Win It

Last week, we had a family "Minute To Win It" party. It was such a fun night! We had 7 different events: Stack Attack, Wet Ball, Hanky Panky, Separation Anxiety, Ka-Broom, Ping Tac Toe, and Defying Gravity. We competed in family teams. The rule was that every member of the family had to compete in one challenge, then you could choose who would do the remaining challenges. The family who won the most challenges won the title and a prize! The kids (and adults) had a blast and can't wait to do it again.

Hanky Panky

Wet Ball

Stack Attack

Ping Tac Toe

Ka - Broom (favorite event of the boys)

After the games, we finished with the sauna and pool.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Big 4 - 0!

My handsome man turned 40 today!
Where has the time gone? As Geoff says "age is just a number". In his case, this is actually true. I swear he is better looking and definitely in better physical shape than he was 20 years ago. He is more mellow, mature, and appreciative of the simple pleasures in life. He is just happy, in simple ways, and it shows. He is in a good place now, physically and emotionally. I know the 40s are going to be a great decade for him.
Love you, Babe! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend in Kapalua

We spent last weekend enjoying the other side of Maui - Kapalua. It was so gorgeous and we had a great time. There was a good south swell so the boys surfed just about every morning. I tried to post video at the end of the post - not quite sure if it will turn out or not.

Bocce ball was a big hit!

We spent one afternoon at the Ritz pool and then went cliff jumping and swimming in a beautiful bay.

The last day, we hiked to a blowhole. It's so fun to see the kids experience fun, new things. They had a blast and no one fell in - phew! I tried to post a video of the blowhole below.

I'm not sure if this will work, but here is some video of Geoff and Caden surfing and Chase on his bodyboard.
Video of the blowhole

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boys Trip

Last week, I went to lunch with some friends and left Geoff to watch Crew. Crew was freaking out when I left so I figured it was going to be a rough afternoon. I was gone for about 3 hours and when I came home, Crew was totally passed out from his afternoon with daddy. In the short time I was gone, they went to the Aquarium, Cold Stone, and Bookstore. Crew had SO much to tell me about when he woke up. They had so much fun. Geoff is so much more relaxed and involved and happy with the boys since we have moved here. We ALL love our daddy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ball to the Face - OUCH!

Last Saturday was a very traumatic day, and one I hope we never have to repeat. But with 3 boys, I guess you never know (knock on wood).
We were at Caden's baseball game. Caden was playing the pitcher position (coach pitch - the pitcher just fields the balls). The second batter of the game, the kid nailed the ball - hard grounder that took a bad hop right into Caden's face! I saw something huge come out of Caden's mouth followed by blood and his coaches running out to him. When I got to him, I could see that the large white thing was his PERMANENT front tooth - root, ligiments, and all! His upper lip was split open all the way through from the base of his nose to the top of the pink line of your lip. Needless to saw, I was panicing but trying to put my brave face on as Geoff and I rushed him to the ER.
The ER was the worst thing I have been through so far with any of my boys. Caden was SO scared. He was scared about stitches but I knew his tooth was the bigger problem. Since the root and everything was out it's not like he sould just get a cap or veneer or something because there was nothing it could attatch to. While we were waiting for the oral surgeon to come the ER doctor came in, apologized ahead of time, and said "we need to get this tooth back in immediately if it has a chance of implanting". So without any pain medication or anything he shoved the entire thing back in Caden's mouth (seriously probably an inch or longer) as I pinned Caden down and he literally shook and writhed in pain. The nurse followed in soon after with a shot of Demerol which calmed him down in about 5 minutes. But those five minutes were hell. He was screaming, crying, begging me to just take the tooth out (I had to hold it in place), and gagging on his own blood. UGGHHH!
When he was finally calmed down, the nurses came in with 2 more shots. And antibiotic and an antinausia (because they were certain he would have to go under for surgery). I freaked about the antibiotic because he has had allergies to both penecillin and augmentin (so far so good - we are on day 7). The oral surgeon finally got there, board shorts and all - you gotta love Maui ;) - and was able to stitch him up and splint the tooth with just shots of novicane. Caden was so, so brave and stayed so still for him. At least one good thing, he didn't have to be put under for surgery, although the shots of novicane to a mouth that seriously looked like raw hamberger meat must have been so seriously painful.
Oh my poor baby boy. I still have tears now just writing about it. I, of course, have been stressed about everything. Will he ever look the same? How many procedures will he have to his tooth (the oral surgeon already warned us that it will be MANY over the next 10 years - great)? Will he be allergic to any of the 5 shots they gave him in the hospital? Will the kids at school be nice to him? On and on and on....... Caden, meanwhile, is already talking about next season of baseball - geesh! He is so brave and crazy - nothing fazes him.
So one week later, here is where we are at. Stitches are all out, swelling around the mouth is almost all gone, still on a liquid diet for one more week (some soft foods added throughout the week), no water for one more week, no activity for 5 more weeks (seriously, this will be near impossible), cement splint attached to front two teeth stays on for 5 more weeks. School pictures are in 5 days. Great! At least he'll have a good story to go with it.
All in all, I am so thankful. It sucks that it happened but I guess it could have been worse. I am SO grateful that he hasn't had any allergies so far and it looks like he will be cute again soon.
FYI - if this ever happens to your kid and there are still live ligiments attached to the root of the tooth (looks like see through tissue paper) put the tooth in milk or just hold the tooth in the childs mouth until it can be implanted. Do NOT put the tooth on ice - oops! We froze his tooth which means there is a good chance it will implant to the bone. You don't want that.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back To School

Oh my goodness! My baby is off to preschool and he LOVES it! He was SO excited to start but we all doubted whether he would actually do it or not. For those of you who don't know, he looks big and tough but he is attached to my hip! He had a great first day and can't wait to go back. What this means to me is that for the first time in 11 years, I have some time to myself! I cannot wait for pedicures, termes, cleaning, and shopping BY MYSELF! A thought that makes me smile just thinking of it! If Geoff has his way, I will be paddlesurfing with him in a few months.
I love this picture of Crew because it shows how much he sticks out here - one, because of his glowing blond hair and two, because he is HUGE! That boy is going to pass up his older brother soon!

My other 2 handsome boys, ready to start another year. 5th and 3rd grade! Boy how time flies!