Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I love, love, love Christmas! I love giving gifts and watch people get excited, I love the music and movies, I love all the family time, I love remembering our Savoir and celebrating the miraculous events of His birth .... I love everything!
I spent a couple nights wrapping all these presents for the boys. I wrap everything - underpants, jammies, t shirts ... I try to find cute boxes and bags, ribbons, tags, balloons, etc. Geoff told me that it was all in vain and that the boys would just rip it all apart in a couple of minutes ....... he was right. :)

Geoff's whole family is here for Christmas. We have had such a blast!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pipeline Masters

We were lucky enough to go to Pipeline again this year. It was the perfect little vacation. We surfed, ate at some of our favorite restaurants, and saw the best 2 days of Pipeline.
A wooden plaque with all the past winners

This competition was in memory of Andy Irons. There were several cool murals of him.

Kelly Slater is still our favorite surfer. He is just so amazing to watch. He's not too bad on the eyes, either. ;) He surfed great but lost in the semis to Flores at literally the very last second. Kelly had already won the World Title for this year - and unprecidented 10th World Title!

The surfers are so nice and very approachable. Kelly Slater is so hard to get close to but he is so nice, even with all the chaos around him.

John John Florence - a local up and coming kid

Damien Hobgood

Mick Fanning

Dane Reynolds

Pat Gauddaskas

Dusty Payne

Mick Fanning

Owen Wright

Kevin Perrow

CoCo Ho

Joel Parkinson - Winner of the Vans Triple Crown

Jeremy Flores - Winner of Pipeline

Paia Bay Competition

A couple weeks ago Chase, Caden, and some of their friends entered a competition at Paia Bay. It wasn't separated by age so it was an interesting experience to say the least. The boys didn't place very well but it was still a good learning experience.



Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Rest of Ali's Visit

Hiking Twin Falls

We had a great time hiking Twin Falls. The water was cold but the boys had a great time jumping the cliffs anyway. Trenton thought his crazy cousins were hilarious. Here is Beans, jumping a 25 foot cliff with his wrist still fractured. It was impossible to keep that boy still for 2 months. I don't even think he lasted two weeks. Let's hope his arm grows anyway - only time will tell ;)

Sometimes I wonder how in the world I got all boys. Oh I dearly love my little stinkers to pieces but they are always coming up with random stuff like this. This is a mouse on his last leg that Caden caught. He was so proud of himself, and I was so grossed out!

Christmas Cookies at Grandma's

One night the kids decorated cookies at my mom's condo. My kids, especially, were thrilled because we don't do a lot of sprinkles and craziness in my kitchen!


We really do have a cool aquarium here in Maui. It is always a fun day with the kids.

Fun Factory

One night my mom and I took all the boys to the mall so Ali and Russ could have a date. We really just had a fun night playing together. Trenton's new Christmas list has about 40 arcade games from the Fun Factory on it. I hope Santa's sleigh doesn't have a weight limit!

Underwater Camera

I got some fun video and a few pics with my underwater camera. Trenton LOVED snorkeling and his little sidekick, Crew, was right next to him most of the time.