Saturday, July 25, 2009

Snorkel Trip To Lanai

Half of Geoff's family has been in Maui for the last 2 weeks and we have been having so much fun! A couple days ago, we did a first for my kids - we took a snorkel trip to lanai. 

The boat ride over there was a little over an hour long. We saw a couple of pods of dolphin along the way.

Then it was time to snorkel. It was a beautiful spot with tons of fish. All the kids did great but I was so impressed with Crew. He was nervous at first but was soon floating on the water, breathing through his snorkel, and watching all the fish. He LOVES to snorkel. It's his new favorite activity!
Geoff and my boys
Chase, Brett, and Shauntelle

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chase's Trip

My baby boy is all grown up!

He just went to California for 11 days all by himself - and was ridiculously spoiled the entire time. My whole family lives there so he got to spend time with Grandma Gayle, Ali, Russ, Brennen, Trenton, PaPa Ron, and MoMo.

A few of the highlights were - Marine World, SplashDown, John's Incredible Pizza, Fireworks at Hagen Park, Ice Age, TrentonLand (my nephews version of Disneyland that he has set up in his house), Touring the Jelly Belly Factory ,Swimming in Grandmas Pool, Riding his new Scooter, Rocket (a speed boat that tours the San Francisco Bay), Exploratorium........

We had to force him to come home! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who took care of him and showed him the time of his life. He felt so mature and responsible and just LOVED having 11 days where he was the center of attention! I was SO nervous for him to travel home because he was flying for 5 and a half hours all by himself, but he was so excited and he got bumped up to first class! 

He is already planning next years trip!

At the Jelly Belly Factory.

Marine World
Petting a Sting Ray

He won lots of basketballs for everyone.

Oops! I can't figure out how to rotate this.

Fun at Grandmas Pool

Fireworks with my sisters family!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! We had a great day of surfing (Geoff), playing beach paddleball, baseball, and then fireworks by the ocean. Maui is very low key for Independence Day. No parade, fair, carnival .... only one spot on the island for a big fireworks show. But we made our own fun!

We miss you, Chaser Boy! We hope you had a fun holiday with Grandma and Aunt Ali!