Sunday, July 1, 2012



Where do I even start? Despite absolutely horrid weather, we enjoyed 2 magnificent weeks in Australia! Here are just a few of the highlight photos.


We all decided that Sydney just might be our favorite city in the whole world! So clean, well layed out, great shopping, and so many fun "neighborhoods" surrounding the city, including Darling Harbor, Manly, and Bondi. Most things are best accessible by water taxi, which is a great way to see the city. 
After a LONG flight!
The Opera House - a beautiful architectural centerpiece of the city.

We HAD to take the bus to Bondi beach, but it literally poured the entire day! What a bummer.

The Sydney Zoo was so beautiful and clean. This guy below is a blue-tongued lizard!

Darling Harbor

One of our favorite spots. Great shops, restaurants, and the best park ever!

The Gold Coast

We wish we could have surfed Snapper Rocks, but the locals aren't too friendly with SUP and weather was crappy!
Boomerangs on the beach - thank goodness the beaches were huge and vacant so my boys didn't kill anyone!

 Thank goodness for Penny Boards! Kirra had an awesome beach walk that went about 5 miles.

 Crew driving the Aquaduck! A tour van/boat!

Theme Parks

The Gold Coast theme parks are THE BEST! Seriously may be worth a trip back just for these! Clean, themed soooo cute, fun thrill rides, AND animal encounters.

 My boys absolute favorite ride! The coaster even goes in an elevator shaft and goes backwards!

The highlight of my entire trip was the animal encounter at Dreamworld! I sooooo wanted to keep this koala. And we loved feeding the kangaroos. Best day of the trip!!!

Grandma LOVED Wiggle World! She was missing Brennen terribly this day. :(

 A loop-d-loop waterslide. We saw several people get stuck in these!

We will definitely be going back to Australia someday!

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