Sunday, July 1, 2012

Caden 10

I cannot believe Caden is double digits! Here's a look at his first 10 years.
Honestly, the best baby EVER! I had to time his feedings because he NEVER Cried! 
 Everyone's favorite baby! His smile, laugh, and dimples are irresistable.

By 2, he loved all sports and was active ALL day long!

A fearless 3 year old! He jumped off of everything - including big cliffs at Lake Powell.

At 4, he showed off his soccer skills and showed us all what a sweet big brother he would be.

5 years old, his athletic skills continued to grow. He could ride his bike anywhere and kicked but in a mile race at BYU.

At 6 we moved to Hawaii. We were so impressed with how easily Caden adjusted. We really started to see how confident he is and that he can make friends and be happy anywhere.

7 years old started his surf career. He sure took to the sport quickly and naturally.

The year he was baptized, but he has always been my angel baby.

9 was a rough year! Broken arm through the growth plate, baseball to the face causing numerous procedures to his front tooth, stitches to the head. Active, active boy!

And now, he is fun, sweet, active, loving, compassionate, loyal, honest, fair, athletic. We sure do love him!

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